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Chameleon PALE

An extravagant camouflage for microbial jungle
2019, skin color, dyes, oils, lights

This skin coloring series is an alternative camouflage in the fast-changing environmental conditions. It protects and moisturizes your skin, and gives you a uniquely dynamic look. Colors, extracted from microalgae and cyanobacteria are mixed vegetable oils the series may be applied onto skin surface by your choice. Suitable for all types of skin and in a healthy manner you can enjoy this microbiological disguise, which can protect you as well from facial recognition and other tracing programs developed by larger mammals.

All the color palettes of Chameleon PALE are in a perfect symbiotic relationship with the organisms already living on your skin. Due to the light, temperature, and mechanical interaction with your skin you camouflage will be in continuous transformation for an exquisite look.

Presented at:

W’re Out Phishin’ – Tools for Things and Ideas, Campus Bijloke, KASK, Ghent – Zwarte Zaal 26th – November – 7th December 2019

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Copyright © Pepa Ivanova | 2020

Copyright © Pepa Ivanova | 2020